City Of Burnaby Collective Agreement 2020

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We support the needs of management and staff in creating a balanced work environment. We also work closely with the union in a wide range of areas, including complaints and arbitration proceedings, the interpretation of collective agreements, labour administration and negotiations, and compliance with the city`s mandate to comply with guidelines, practices and rules. Unionized city employees are represented by burnaby Civic Employees` Union CUPE Local 23 (Inside, Outside, Foreman and Library) and the International Association of Firefighters IAFF Local 323. Campbell`s letter, published on the union`s website, comes just over a week after another letter to union members extolling the collaboration between the city and the union to ensure that „members continue to do useful work and do not suffer financial losses during this period.“ Campbell praised staff for taking work in other departments to help where the city needed extra hands. Tuesday, October 27, 2020 | 17:00-18:00 – To register, click here The Letter of April 6, however, contains some better news: the union and the city have negotiated a significant increase in guaranteed paid days in case of temporary dismissal. Employees now receive 42 guaranteed days after receiving a notice of termination instead of the 10 days provided for in the collective agreement. Dismissed employees have the right of pre-emption in the event of returning from their position under the agreement and employees have the opportunity to express their interest in further work with the city if necessary. For more information, please contact or by phone at 604-294-7370. The CUPE 23 Bargaining Team has reached a preliminary agreement with the employer. Details and copies of the Memorandum of Understanding are available on the Members Only page. Spokesman Chris Bryan said he could not give details of how much revenue the city has lost in recent weeks. The proposed amendments to the Constitution and Statutes for 2020 have been published on the „Members Only“ page of this website and sent by email to all members subscribed to our email list. The amendments will be put to the vote at the November General Meeting.

M. Campbell said the union still doesn`t know how much or who will be affected by the layoffs, but they may „think that those who work in one of the closed urban facilities will be affected.“ E-mail: Phone: 604-294-7303 Fax: 604-294-7710 The meeting of members of the municipal sector and libraries is on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 | 17:00-18:00 – To register, click here, during this period and for a period of three months paid by the employer, the benefits are also paid by the employer. . . .