University Of Dundee Student Partnership Agreement

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The executive consists of eight students, six of whom are paid and work full-time, and two are currently at university. The student partnership agreements were first outlined in the Scottish Government`s Putting Learners at the Centre, which provided a document explaining how students and their institutions interact. As a student at the University of Dundee, you are also a member of the Students` Association. The association`s representation, activities and well-being are led by the executive committee, which supports students in a variety of ways, including academic representation, student/corporate activities and charitable campaigns. The representation of students is not unique in this university. Indeed, student representation is essential to the ethics of Scottish higher education. If the module review session takes place, if student representatives are not available, efforts are expected to be made to hear their voices. QaAS leads ELIR and they focus on how the institution improves the student learning experience and how the quality and academic standards of their awards are guaranteed. This ELIR cycle also emphasizes student engagement and students` perspectives are critical to defining the centre of gravity of the exam. This year, the ELIR evaluation team will visit Unviersity in September for a planning meeting and you can be invited to a meeting. The team will return in November to conduct the audit and meet with other students during the audit. Again, you can be invited. Where changes affect the learning experience of current students, the school should consult with the students involved and, if the majority of these students agree, the changes can be implemented.

The University and the Dundee University Students` Association (DUSA) are working together to develop an annual Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) to further enhance the experience for our students. Our GNP outlines the agreed priorities for each academic year and contains key performance indicators that contribute to the evaluation of effectiveness. For students who need DUSA`s help, the best place to direct them is at The Hive! At EU Level 4, students have direct access to senior civil servants and staff. As an elected official, you are part of a long tradition of students who have come forward to guide change at the university; The Council of Student Representatives, for example, was established in the 19th century and predated the university.