Severance Agreement Georgia

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Do not sign a severance agreement unless you understand the rights you are waiving. If you have questions about whether you need severance pay or the terms of your severance agreement, please contact a lawyer to help you. Since Georgia is an at-will state, with no employment contract or severance policy, your employer does not have to offer you a redundancy package. However, the offer of redundancy packages is common in some companies and organizations. Let a lawyer negotiate a fair package for you. You put your time in your hand. You got a fair result. Employers expect workers to be unable to effectively negotiate severance pay in the event of termination. If you don`t have a firm on your side, many employers won`t take you seriously. There is no requirement for severance pay under federal or Georgia state law, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – the federal law that sets minimum standards for wages at the national level. Some states pass laws that offer more protection to employees.

The New York law strengthens the protection of workers in New York State. New York city has gone even further by passing even stricter laws. But even New York or New York do not require employers to give workers severance pay or compensation when they leave their jobs, whether they leave voluntarily or involuntarily. Georgia has not passed additional wage laws; Therefore, the federal standard is the same as the national standard. Severance agreements are complicated. This means that they must be negotiated carefully so that you get the compensation you deserve without giving up your rights to more money. An experienced work lawyer will know how to protect you during very complicated negotiations. As work lawyers, we review your case, evaluate your employer`s severance policy, negotiate and analyze the legal terms of the agreement. Severance agreements are serious legal documents. You can influence your career in a sustainable way. Our business and health firm represents employers in the health sector, other companies, professionals and employees in severance pay. We offer our clients the following types of legal services related to severance issues: There is no form or model that works for all the conditions and purposes of severance pay.

Each situation is inherently different and individualized, and there are often serious long-term consequences for employers and workers with specific conditions and language in the severance contract. Therefore, both the employer and the worker should retain advice to advise them and carefully consider all proposed severance pay. We are the HKM Employment Attorneys. With offices in Atlanta, we are a national labour law firm that represents workers like you who are seeking severance pay. Contact us immediately for help getting the money you earn from your former employer or if you are concerned. Employers will try to push you to accept small severance packages quickly. You can impose arbitrary deadlines. You can tell yourself that you have a few weeks or even days to make a decision.