Payment Agreement Define

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In the event that the owingParty cannot make payments in accordance with the payment plan, after reaching ten (10) days after the non-achievement of such a mandatory payment, the total amount of the default will be immediately due and payable. CREDITOR may transfer or transfer this agreement to a third party, provided a written notification is sent to debtor. In the case of such an assignment, the assignee may change the payment plan set out in this agreement. When a debtor is paid by mail or the Internet and the funds are lost without the debtor`s fault, the debtor usually has to bear the loss. Payment may be made by a debtor in person or by a duly accredited representative on behalf of the debtor. Similarly, payment to the creditor may be made in person or to a representative of the creditor, provided that the agent is authorized to receive the payment. The general rule is that the payment of a debt cannot be taxed after the six-year expiry, but this period varies according to the legal order. A common way to prove payment is to present a signed proof, but payment can be proven by other means and, conversely, the presentation of a receipt is not proof of conclusive payment. An erroneous account may be made depending on the jurisdiction and whether the payment can be made as an error of fact or as an error of law. For payments over $10,000, it is recommended that both parties add a notary confirmation to the contract and sign it in the presence of a notary. It is important to include literally the fact that both parties clearly understand what is considered a late payment, the amount of all fees that can be charged for a late payment and the date on which late payments are considered late payment in the loan.

The DEBTOR ensures and guarantees that both parties have established a payment plan in this agreement to ensure default in such a manner as defined in this agreement, without additional interruption, regardless of an additional fee for the conduct of this planning.