Fcc Agreement

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„The agreement reaffirms the following objectives: to promote competition, innovation and investment in broadband services and equipment in developing countries; Promote the U.S. economy by ensuring a competitive framework for the development of communication networks and services in emerging countries; Promote the highest and best use of spectrum in Switzerland and abroad; and strengthen the defense of our nation`s communications infrastructure,“ says a USAID press release. The company is aware of the following shareholder agreements, which are governed by sections 530 and post-LSC and which have an effect on the company in the following sense: this electronic access agreement modified from time to time (the „agreement“) applies when you access the services and services (the „services“) that are provided via the FCC`s public websites (the „website“) and any FCC mobile application (the „mobile application“ and with the website). It replaces all previous agreements between you and us for services. It does not replace other agreements you have (now or in the future) with the FCC for other products or services, including consent, authorization or preference that you have given us or that you can give us with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data („Other Convention“). The other agreement remains valid, including for all applicable products or services. You also agree to follow all instructions we can give you regarding access and use of the Services. „I know that our international partners are waiting for us in terms of technology, best practices, public policy and international standards,“ FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a press release. „This agreement will allow us to continue to meet these expectations, especially in developing countries.“ These General Terms of Use are to be read with the specific conditions or agreements indicated in Part 2 or on other pages of the Site or mobile application (the „Specific Conditions“). In the event of a conflict between these Terms of Use and certain conditions, the specific conditions apply. The CNMV on a relevant fact of 8.07.2014 notified: On the basis of the financing agreement provided in the long-term financing agreement, signed between March 24 and 31, 2014 and effective June 26, 2014, the financing units have a number of restrictions on the non-transfer shares and a compromise on the orderly sale of Fomento`s new shares of Construcciones y Contratas , S.A. (below the FCC), which they receive if warrants are executed after the conversion of Level B („ordered sales contract“). Assuming that the non-transfer contract and the ordered sales contract are a restriction on the free transfer of FCC shares, where appropriate, financing units are the two shareholder agreements covered by Section 350 of Ley de Sociedades de Capital (hereafter LSC), which means that the company will notify and publish the corresponding clauses in accordance with Articles 531.1 and 531.3 of the LSC.

Although not an integral part of the communication process, public hearings have sometimes been held through various consultative processes over the years. For example, seven years after the passage of the Radio Act, the Communication Act of 1934 was passed, the creation of the FCC.