Consultant Contract 2008 Settlement Agreement

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Counsel said that after lengthy discussions between the various parties, agreement had been reached on the resolution of the dispute. – for consultants who have initiated proceedings against the State: for a maximum period of six years before the date of the procedure, which ends on the day of the transaction. The agreement, according to the lawyer, is „a new dawn“ that will have the effect of „fully realizing“ the vision and objectives of the 2008 agreement. IHCA and IMO have committed to recommending the agreement to members and will not support any progress in ongoing cases or new litigation. On Friday, the judge, the judge, was informed that several feathered actions they had filed because of the alleged non-compliance with the terms of the consulting contract in 2008 had been settled in their entirety. Counsel said that „the essence of business“ was the state`s inability to pay advisers after the financial crash. The judge then agreed to make the terms of settlement a court order. Last Friday, Minister Donohoe and I announced that, after two weeks of intensive negotiations, a settlement agreement had been reached between the government and consultant representatives regarding cases taken by consultants requesting payment of increases in accordance with the 2008 consultant contract. This agreement applies to 10 feather cases negotiated in the High Court and other cases involving the same contract. The case was scheduled to begin on June 5, 2018, but both sides agreed to be adjourned to facilitate settlement negotiations. Hospital medical advisors must obtain a salary increase under the regulation of their violation of contractual rights against the Health Service Executive and the State. It is estimated that up to 700 infringement applications have been filed against the various accused.

In statements following comparisons by the Irish Medical Organisation and the Irish Hospital Consultants Association, they welcomed the agreement. The judge is expected to hear several feather cases in complaints from hundreds of medical advisors who claimed that there was a breach of their contract with respect to the salary promises agreed in the 2008 consulting contract. A standard letter, which may in some cases be sent to non-procedural consultants, is available as part of the comparison. Photo: Thinkstock The estimated cost of the comparison obtained is 182 million euros for arrears and operating costs of 62 million euros per year from 2019, the date of the settlement in June 2018. The payment of arrears will be phased in beyond 2019 and 2020. Although extremely costly, this agreement is the most cost-effective outcome for the public purse and the taxpayer, resulting in significant savings and avoiding lengthy and costly litigation. Justice N. Raifeartaigh welcomed the resolution of a long, complex and „clearly very urgent“ dispute.

On Friday, John Rogers SC, who represented several of the 10 doctors who led the case, said the cases focused on the doctor`s non-payment of compensation, as agreed under the 2008 contract. The transaction, the lawyer said, will apply not only to lead cases, but also to other consultants whose cases are tried before the courts and other non-litigation consultants who are covered by the terms of the transaction. The settlement conditions obtained represent a significant reduction from previous estimates of potential commitments, which amount to up to 700 million euros.