Agreement For Boat Repair (Abr)

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7 NAVSEAINST C Agreement for the Repair of Vessels (ABR) Licensing requirements 1. To qualify for an ABR, a contractor must first take care of the repair of ships and/or boats/boats. The Standard Industrial Classification Manual (SIC), published by the Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) (1987), lists the codes used for the classification of establishments by type of activity Each establishment receives a branch code on the basis of its main activity. (3) Potential ABR contractors shall provide the relevant RSMC with a sufficient record that they meet the general criteria of one of the following applicable CIS codes. (The documentation may contain the contractor`s list, including any of the CIS codes listed below, in the latest editions of the Standard and Poor s Register of Corporations, the Dunn and Bradstreet Reference Book or a similar publication.) 3731 Shipbuilding and repair; The creation was mainly interested in the construction and repair of ships, barges and lighters, whether self-driving or pulled by other ships. This sector also includes the processing and transformation of ships and the manufacture of oil and offshore drilling and production platforms (autonomous or not). Companies that are mainly engaged in the manufacture of sub-assemblies or components for ships or subcontractors that deal with ship painting, carpentry, carpentry and electrical installations, etc. boat building and repair companies, which are mainly involved in the construction and repair of boats. Establishments manufacturing mainly rubber and non-rigid plastic boats are classified in main group 30. Companies that primarily operate marinas and carry out accidental repairs to boats are classified in Transport, Industry 7997; and those who perform outboard engine repairs are classified as services, industry In addition to meeting the general criteria of SIC codes 3731 or 3732, the ABR contractor must possess at least the following skills: management / management control.

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